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Riders often look after their horse better than themselves, but you have to spoil yourself sometimes! Come and find something, perhaps practical, perhaps glamorous!

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Or lets put it another way, we have just about anything you can think of… jodphurs, gilets, fleeces,

T-Shirts, hacking jackets, show jackets, show shirts, casual jackets, waterproof, windproof, smart, riding boots, welly boots, leather boots, riding boots, Muck Boots. socks and gloves, ties and tie-pins you name it we’ve got it.

Riding helmets come in all different sizes and shapes. Different makes and batches will fit differently, you may have an oval head or a more round head. Make sure you have an approved fitter to fit your hat to your head and buy the one that has been fitted to you specifically. Be SAFE not SORRY.

A helmet is designed to help protect your head in the event of a fall, possibly a kick or being stepped on by your horse’s hoof. The hat is a combination of parts that work together for 3 main purposes; the helmet needs to stay in place on the head, help prevent skull fracture, and provide cushioning to help prevent bruising or shearing of the brain.

The outer range of finishes are stitched directly to the shell so never to come away. The second layer is fibreglass made from tough resin matrix for improved crush resistance. The purpose of the shell is to spread the force of impact, as well as keeping the integrity of the helmet when dragged along a rough surface.

Directly beneath the shell is the expanded polystyrene or EPS, the part of the helmet that absorbs energy from the fall. The polystyrene layer is made up of thousands of beads that are full of tiny air bubbles.

The absorption of energy by the polystyrene is the most important reason a helmet needs to be replace after a fall; the impact bursts the contained air bubbles. If you were to fall on the same location again, the bubbles would not be there to absorb the energy of the fall.

So, make sure your hat is up to date, it fits correctly and hasn’t been damaged in any way before you mount your horse to enjoy your ride.

play safe

Protect your head and your brain…

It is advised to change your helmet every 4-5 years as the padding in side becomes compressed and offers less protection

Think you are too good to wear a hat? WRONG! ‘The better you ride the harder you fall. Beginners fall off. Good riders get launched’ - Jean White.

We care… so does your mum, dad, sister, brother, son, daughter…

PLAY SAFE and wear an up to date, fitted approved helmet.

Just some of the leading brands available

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