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All horse owners have different ideas on how to feed their horse, so we try to provide the variety that you request! Our knowledgeable staff will help with any queries you may have with your feeding program, or just recommend alternatives. Each horse has individual needs and it can be quite difficult sometimes to sift through the huge variety of feed to get the one that suits you and your horse the best. Just ask and we will do our very best to help. 0845 370 1700

We stock over 80 different horse feeds. From the top of the range balancers to economy hard feed, whether you have an eventer, dressage horse, show jumper, pregnant mare, happy hacker or enthusiastic pony clubber, there will be a feed to suit your horse. And don’t forget the old friend out in the field.....Or perhaps the polo ponies....

Along with the hard feed comes the Supplements , major brands are stocked, NAF, Equine America, Equus Health, James Hart and Protexin. Dried herbs, Homeopathy, Calmers - you name it, we will have it - or can get it.