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A - Z of Brands

fun fly mask

A fly mask to make you smile while the flies do there best to irritate you and the horse!



All the fly products you need to combat the vicious flies this year!



Equus Sun Off

Equus Sun Off is a sun block for horses. It has the best reputation with in the horse world, people swear by it! A recipe from  Australia (and they know about the sun!) that not only works, it lasts for ages!

whats on gastro-kalm

Gastro Kalm is a high quality hard wood charcoal  

Charcoal is one of the oldest natural supplements known to man, which can cheaply and effectively help with stomach ulcers, gassy colic, diarrhoea, laminitis, irritable behaviour, lack of condition, and any discomfort when girthed.

Charcoal has a massive surface area and is highly porous so it can mop up any toxins and gasses as it passes through the gut so they can be excreted safely out of the horses system. Importantly, Gastro Kalm is selective and does not have any effect on the nutrients in the diet.

For more info Equus Health or our online store

new summer clothing

BEST VALUE IN TOWN… check it out for yourself!

After a LONG WINTER we can finally bring out the SPRING clothing! MUSTO, PIKEUR, ARIAT, PUFFA TOTTIE, TOGGI and of course CALDENE!! There is SO much to choose from. These are but a few examples of what you can find in our shop.

See our online store

mounting block 2 step 2 Step mounting block, light and robust at only £44.95



Events happening at Bellingdon End Farm

Links to OBH Chilterns website for rallies and shows

Recoup - James Hart Solutions

If your dog has had to have surgery, you will want to help them fully recover.

Recoup is an antioxidant, a rich blend  of herbs which support the liver and help dogs recover following surgery and anaesthesia

new doggy herbal solutions

For more information and to see full range of products go to


      - James Hart Solutions

A nutritional blend of herbs to help support and maintain mobility and joint health in dogs of any age.

No fillers